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Listed below is a comprehensive list of available Christian discipleship and training classes that can be offered in local churches, bible study groups and outreach ministries. The estimated time for covering the material is listed below.

I have also enclosed the full teaching PDF files that will illustrate the layout of the material and the review questions at the end of each section. This material represents countless hours of study and research. If this material is a blessing to you and your church, please consider letting others know about this site. I would love to hear from you via my email address:  inspireministries@wordinspire.com

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The teacher's guides, Part 1 and Part 2 are a complete collection of all lessons condensed in a outline format . Each lesson averages around 8 pages each. The content and layout is great for comprehensive teaching series in the local church, missions and Bible study venues.

Part 1 Contains teaching outlines for the following books:  "Word  of God", "God's Word the Foundation of Our Faith", "Faith That Moves Mountains", "Our Glorious Inheritance", "The Authority of the Believer"

Part 2 Contains teaching outlines for the following books:   "Prosperity is God's Idea", "Healing is the Children's Bread", "Foundations for Christians Living", "The Pentateuch"

Leader's Guide: Compliments the teacher's guides in that in contains all the answers to each lesson's question section. This allows for dynamic discussion and exchange with those studying along with you in the teaching series.             Printed version.

The Word of God


          - The Origin of the Bible

          - Inspiration of the Scriptures

          - The Symbols of God's Word

          - Studying the Bible




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Without the Bible, we would have no knowledge of salvation and Godís great plan of redemption. Our origins in the book of Genesis and the consummation of the ages in the Book of Revelation provide a beginning for mankind and the restoration of all things. Godís Word is Godís will revealed to mankind, so that humanity is without excuse. Revealed truth from God through His Word is the greatest treasure known to man. (6 Week Program)

Foundations for Christian Living 

          - The Bible is God Speaking to Me

          - Creation, the Fall and God's Solution

          - The Glorious Godhead

          - All Kinds of Prayers

          - Our Glorious Redemption

          - Angels, Satan and Demons

          - End Times


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The ĎFoundations for Christian Livingí training material is designed to be an entry level Bible teaching and mentoring class for new believers who have recently made a profession of faith within the last year. This material will introduce some fundamental Bible doctrines and initiate Christian disciplines that will set you on the right path. Upon completion of the course, you will have a grasp of the basic tenants of the faith that will help establish a consistent pattern of prayer, Bible reading, church attendance and fellowship with Christian friends. (12 Week Program)

Healing is the Children's Bread


          - God's Will for Healing

          - Roadblocks to Healing

          - How to Receive your Healing





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Bread in ancient times has been the symbol of life and nourishment for our bodies. It always has been regarded as something wholesome and good; representing the basic necessity of life. Is it no wonder that God makes a divine connection between natural bread and the Word of God. As Jesus said in John 6:63,ďThe Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.Ē As natural bread sustains physical life, Jesus Christ, the Word of God sustains us on all three dimensions of our being- spirit, soul and body. ďFor in him we live and move and have our beingĒ Acts 17:28. (12 Week Program)

The Authority Of The Believer


          - In the Beginning

          - Our Glorious Redemption

          - The Name of Jesus

          - Spiritual Warfare




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We have a conviction that before the Lord Jesus returns, there will be a mighty army of believers who will learn the secret of living in the Name, of reigning in life as kings, living the victorious, magnificent, resurrection life of the Son of God among men. If our minds could only grasp the fact that Satan is paralyzed, stripped of his armor by the Lord Jesus, and that disease and sickness are servants and made subject to this Name. That at the Name of Jesus all that is evil must depart, it would be easy to live in this Resurrection Realm. (12 Week Program)

Prosperity Is God's Idea


          - Prosperity - The Will of God 

          - Good Stewards of God's Resources 

          - The Laws of Giving and receiving 





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Since the Bible talks more about money than any other subject, it must be important. This teaching material is devoted to this all important area of the Bible, which has such a profound affect on us. Thank God for the Word, it provides us with revelation truth concerning Godís view on money. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding concerning what the Christian perspective on finances should be. The goal of this study is to provide a framework of practical principles and applications to live by. Ignorance in this all important area of our life is costly. So letís go for the gold, Godís highest and best for our lives, and for the furtherance of the Gospel throughout the world- blessed to be a blessing.                             (8 Week Program)

The Pentateuch


          - The Creation Story

          - The Patriarchs

          - The Birth of a Nation

          - The Old Order 




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I am really excited about this comprehensive study, I believe that it will provide an excellent foundation to your Christian faith. As we study the Pentateuch together (first 5 books of the Bible), we see the origin and fall of man, blood covenant, the birth, deliverance and journey of a nation to their Promised Land- rich in typology! What makes this study particularly exciting, is seeing how much Jesus was being foretold and revealed throughout the Old Covenant, announcing the Gospel to us in advance. (16 Week Program)

Our Glorious Inheritance

          - Redemption 

          - The First Fruits of the Spirit 

          - The Kingdom of God



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It is Godís will that we know what Jesus has accomplished for us in His death, burial, resurrection and seating at the right hand of the Father; where He ever lives to make intercession for us. Words fail to describe the unimaginable riches of this glorious redemption that Jesus paid for on our behalf with His precious blood. This book is dedicated to ďHis glorious inheritance in the saintsĒ that we may know and enter into the provision and plan of God for our lives here on this earth.   (12 Week Program)

Faith That Moves Mountains

          - The Power of God's Word

          - The Creative Force of the Tongue

          - The Law of Faith

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The subject of faith is found all throughout the Bible from Genesis 15:6, when Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness, to the Book of Revelation when Jesus commended the believers in the early church of Thyatira for holding onto their faith in Revelation 2:18. Without faith it is impossible to please God or even get saved according to Ephesians 2:8-9. (16 Week Program)


God's Word The Foundation of Our Faith

          - The Inspiration of the Scriptures

          - The Power of God's Word

          - The Word of Light and Revelation




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Without the Bible, we would be in the dark, without hope of knowing God and His plan of redemption. Godís Word provides us with the foundation for our faith and source of spiritual revelation- the Bible! The Bible has been given to mankind by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The words in the Bible are accurate and a complete revelation of God to us. Godís power is resident within His Word, the Bible. As we purpose to speak Godís Word in our lives, and over the world around us, things change! (4 Week Program)