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Download: Deeper in God's Word

I am really excited about sharing “Deeper In God’s Word” with you. It's devotional workbook designed to lead the believer into a deeper walk with God through His Word. This project has taken me a few years, to compile and assemble numerous Scriptures into eight separate subjects. I believe that you will find a beautiful and powerful blend and harmony of God’s Word knitted into a tapestry of wisdom and revelation that will feed your spirit immensely.  

At first glance you may feel overwhelmed at the volume of text used for each subject; even though, this is not an exhaustive list but is meant to be very comprehensive in nature in order to provide a resource for study and meditation. As a matter of fact, I only occasionally used a Bible concordance to assist me in finding these passages of Scripture. During my normal Bible devotions of reading through the New Testament,  I had simply written down Bible references for the subject I was currently researching. Once all the raw data was compiled, I simply went through it and compiled them into related topics and sorted them again into the format you now see. My first version of this series was completed in 1991 by using a typewriter. A few years later, I had improved the format by using a word processor in 1995. The third version that you see now was further enhanced and improved in 2009.